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  • The Role of Real Wage Rigidity and Labor Market Rigidities for Inflation Persistence (2010), (with Tobias Linzert).
    Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 42(7), 1435-1446, 2010 ChristoffelLinzert10.pdf

  • Forecasting with DSGE Models (2010), (with Guenter Coenen and Anders Warne). The paper appears as a chapter in
    ‘Oxford Handbook’ on Economic Forecasting, edited by Michael P. Clements and David F. Hendry, Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN 978-0-19-539864-9. ForecastingDSGE.pdf

  • DSGE Models and their use at the ECB (2010), (with Frank Smets, Guenter Coenen, Roberto Motto and Massimo Rostagno).
    SERIEs (Journal of the Spanish Economic Society), 1(1), 51-65, 2010. DSGEatECB.pdf

  • The Role of Labor Markets for Euro Area Monetary Policy (2009), (with Keith Kuester and Tobias Linzert). Published in:
    European Economic Review, 53 (2009), 908-936 CKL.pdf

  • The Elasticity of the Unemployment Rate with Respect to Benefits (2008), (with Keith Kuester). Published in:
    Economic Letters, 102(2), 102-105, 2009. Elasticity.pdf

  • Resuscitating the Wage Channel in Models with Unemployment Fluctuations (2008), (with Keith Kuester). Published in:
    Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(5), 865-887, 2008. WageChannel.pdf

  • Identifying the Influences of Nominal and Real Rigidities in Aggregate Price-Setting Behavior” (2007), (with Guenter Coenen and Andrew Levin) Published in:
    Journal of Monetary Economics, 54(8), 2439-2466, 2007.

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